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if you are thinking about the digital marketing course, so just do it .Digital Marketing i am also learning a digital marketing course,and i am starting my first blog about my experience what i did learn in this course i just spend a one month in this course i learned SEO ,search engine optimization is set of the activities undertaken by people to make there webpage /website comprehensible for the search engine algorithm. after completed this our webpage pr website come on the top of search engine. SEO there two type of seo i learn on page seo second off page seo .One page seo we learn keyword research ,XML site mape

by learning digital marketing

by learning digital marketing you can start your work on freelance but i will suggest to you before start freelance you have to do job with any company so after experience to know that all task how ,can, we do .By learning this course you can start your own business .We have to knowledge all this digital course ,i just learn a seo part there so many part in thuis digital course like social media marketing ,google adwords,etc,

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